To bring quality and connection closer to home.

  •  The patio sauna or garden sauna can become a centerpiece of the backyard.
  • A source of year-round luxury and relaxation, the many health benefits of sauna are well-documented.

  • Friendships are forged in the heat of the sauna and quenched with a roll in the snow.

Sauna Fauna was founded to bring this great European tradition to your doorstep.



Interested to know more? 

Do you build custom saunas?

Yes, we build custom saunas to order. Call for an appointment to discuss the options.  208-755-0466

Do you only build backyard saunas?

No, we build indoor saunas as well. Call to schedule an appointment. We will discuss your options and create an estimate.  208-755-0466

Do you have free delivery?

Yes, we deliver locally for free and charge $2 per mile far away.