AromaMist Lemongrass 1

AromaMist Lemongrass 1

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Available Oils:Lemongrass

Lemongrass Aroma Bath Oil, 1-gallon Bottle

Model: Lemongrass 1

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Prized for its therapeutic value, Lemongrass Essential Oil imparts a wonderful aroma – sweeter and more powerful than lemon – to your bathing experience.The 1-gallon bottle allows you to have a longer lasting supply, so you don't have to interrupt your sauna, steam or bating routine. AromaMist makes your self-care the top priority with pure-essential oils that benefit your well-being. 


Originally cultivated in India and the Far East, for centuries bathers and aromatherapists have used its scent to relieve muscle strain, purify the mind and strengthen psychic awareness.

Complement your bathing experience with Lemongrass Essential Oil and heighten the invigorating and wholesome rewards that make experiential bathing a fundamental part of your day.

Formulated for commercial or residential use, AromaMist essential oils atomize more completely so that the aroma infuses fully with the vapor within a steam room for a more lasting scent. These oils were developed in conjunction with the AromaMist AI-5 Aroma Bathing System, to ensure the best performance and compatibility with residential or commercial aroma pumps.

You may also use the 1-gallon container to economically refill our 4-ounce Cobalt Blue misting spray bottles.

NOTE: Do not apply the product directly on the steam head, as the steam head can be dangerously hot.


  • Pure essential oil
  • 1-Gallon cylindrical container with easy-pour spout
  • For use in steam rooms, saunas, showers, and whirlpool baths and more

NOTE: Unlike most commercially distributed bath oil blends, AromaMist contains NO ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL, which can be used to artificially accelerate evaporation of the oil, while emitting a harsh and unnatural smell. AromaMist aroma products are pure essential oils, providing greater, longer-lasting value and pleasure for bathing enthusiasts.


  • 1-Gallon Lemongrass AromaMist Bottle


Model Lemongrass 1
Shipping Weight (Lbs.) 10 lbs
Width In Inches 5-7/8"
Depth In Inches 5-7/8"
Height In Inches 11-1/2"

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